Borgo Solamore

My name is Alessandra Soldi and I'm your Hospitality Manager.

Alessandra, the lady from “BORGO SOLAMORE“ she will add to your stay the lively perfume of serenity and cheerfulness,  you’ll feel more than at home, in the heart of beauty and solarity, in the center of a good life !.

Alessandra for her friends “Sandra“ lived her childhood in Canada where her parents had emigrated for work. Three female sisters in the 70’s, it all seemed as a television fiction … the very funny ones. In the 80’s they move back to Italy, where dad opened a Bar in the center of the city of origin the beautiful “Cortona“ the bar became the soul of the central street, yet everyone remembers it as a special place with these three girls speaking English and French in a time when speaking a foreign language in Italy still was a rarity. Sandra is the most sociable person in the word, it is an innate characteristic to be comfortable with people, to make themselves feel loved!

Sympathy, good taste, and her reliability, have allowed her to become a very important PR manager in the luxury fashion world, working for the most prestigious Italian fashion brands. Travelling around the world is amazing, but at a certain point of her life the “call of Tuscany” became irresistible, the reason of her come back leads her to “I Grandi Di Toscana” a Resort that she managed for 10 years. Success gave her the motivation to move on with her dream, she searched for a place of her own, found a wonderful Borgo…. Her dream come true…… Respecting the origins; made of nature, history, simple life, timeless beauty; now it’s reality “BORGO SOLAMORE “ Holiday homes for those who seek quality without fiction, with simplicity, total assistance, confidentiality, happiness, beauty, and care of details. Especially for those who want to live the “Tuscan Dream“ made of beautiful living, authentic and exciting life style.

Borgo Solamore

C.S. 122 Valecchie Montanare
52044 - Cortona (AR)
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Hospitality Manager
Alessandra Soldi: +39 3313532496
Phone: +39 0575614033

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