The Bistrot "Starry Sky"

We turned the old Lemon House into a small BISTROT, where you could taste the cuisine of our home. Ancient recipes, simple flavours, the scent of aromatic herbs, fresh vegetables and the best products of the territory will accompany you on a pleasani journey of taste, which will make you rediscover the value of savouring life slowly.
We do the shopping and we cook specifically for you, each ingredient comes from small local producers selected by us. Our organic olive oil, our jams, the fresh pastas, the biscuits, the cakes, the homemade fruit juices and many other small delicacies will delight you during your stay.
We are all your disposal for special needs, inform vegetarians, allergic or intolerant are welcome. We can organize parties, small ceremonies, or study any special event on demand.

Cooking courses

"Flavors, scents, colors, sounds and textures: cooking is an experience for all 5 senses, but the most important ingredient is love".
In my kitchen you will see under your eyes tasty and genuine dishes, starting from the quality of raw materials, typical of this territory so generous. You can put "your hands in dough" or simply observe, while sipping a glass of Syrah.
Depending on your needs, we are also able to build your tailor-made cooking class.
You can decide whether to choose an individual course, or come in group with friends.

Borgo Solamore

C.S. 122 Valecchie Montanare
52044 - Cortona (AR)
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Hospitality Manager
Alessandra Soldi: +39 3313532496
Phone: +39 0575614033

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